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Here is where you can find exclusive products from the mind of Banachek: books, DVD's, audio CD's, and more. Products for the mentalist who wants to take mind reading to the next level.

What separates Banachek, the World's #1 Mind Reader, from all the others? His thinking, his creativity, his presentation and, of course, his subtleties. It is not a way of appearing to "read minds" so much as it is a way of knowing how the mind thinks and works. Here at Magic Inspirations you can find the tools for your toolbox to create your own world of professional mentalism.

We strive for 100% satisfaction from our customers. We guarantee our products and will replace defective merchandise within a reasonable time from the sale. We also ship worldwide.

Magic Inspirations is a partnership between Banachek and Scott Wells since 1987.

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Items are normally shipped within 24 hours of receipt of payment; however, due to performance and travel opbligations, sometimes the products are shipped upon our return to the office. In the event that there is any delay in shipping, you will be notified